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In 2017 we were excited to launch the next generation AFC artist websites. All members who joined before August, 2017 will continue to have access to both the original site at, as well as the new one at Artists who have not completed their new website, should do so now. Phase-out of the artist websites is underway.  All artist sites at will remain functional and visible to the public for the foreseeable future as an archival representation, however access to programming such as annual exhibit registration, and announcements.

Login to your new-generation AFC website below or to access other AFC sites, use one of the following links:




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  • To update any outdated contact info on your "old" site;
  • To pay annual dues;
  • To report a scam;
  • To update contact info especially re postal address for sending annual book.

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  • To update any info on your "NEW" AFC site;
  • To view an archive of latest member announcements;
  • Add any new artwork or information;
  • To register for AFC's annual exhibit;

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  • To electronically submit completed artwork of your selected endangered species;
  • To select additional species for the project;
  • To get details on artwork requirements and instructions/address re. completed artwork.