Youth Education

Since 2011, Artists for Conservation has been developing and delivering youth programming in association with its annual festival. Until 2016, this has involved field trips and on-site workshops. In 2017, AFC is piloting a new model that is free to participate and widely accessible for participation directly in classrooms outside the immediate area of the festival, and around the world.  The student mural will be showcased at the 8th annual Artists for Conservation Festival and the 27th International Ornithological Congress at Vancouver’s Convention Centre August 22 - 25th.   Silent Skies Student Mural Project (Gr. 3-7) The Silent Skies Student Mural Project is a youth education pilot program focused on conservation and the study of endangered species through research, art and community engagement. It specifically targets students grades 3 through 7. This curriculum-based program offers students a unique opportunity for direct involvement in a major international event and to have their artwork exhibited among many of the world’s leading wildlife and nature artists. Educators register and download grade-specific teacher resource kits, free of charge. Each student selects an endangered bird species for study and to depict it in art. Educators select and submit scans of the student artwork for inclusion in a youth virtual mural on the AFC website.    Research Art Community Engagement Silent Skies Mural & the 2018 International Ornithological Congress   A limited number of classes will be accepted for the "Silent Skies Student Mural Project" launching February 2018. Please apply below if you are interested in participating. If your class/group is eligible, we will send you information to register and access all program resoureces. Your class must be avaliable to participate before end of May 2018. If you already received an invitation to participate, please refer to the documentation provided which outlines the registration process. Apply to Participate in Silent Skies Student Mural Project For any other inquiries, please email