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Artists for Conservation (AFC)

Elves in reed by Leo Xiang
Green Iguana by Laurie Riley
Fly Fishing by Brent Cooke
Anteater and Pup by Cindy Billingsley
Pelican's Coast by Terry Woodall
The Sunset by Ahsan Qureshi
Thoughts Take Flight by Michael Dumas
Dawn Patrol by Jerry Ragg
State of Grace I by Rosemarie Armstrong
Rare Rhino by Pat Jackman
The Sentry by Linda Budge
Enigmatic Places by Colin Starkevich
Spring Colours by Kelly McNeil
The Rarities by Ahsan Qureshi
Sealing the Deal by Christine Knapp
The Beehive by Diana Höhlig
His vision by Christina Dunzinger

Audubon Society

Tide Watch by Beatrice Bork
As Above So Below by Chris Maynard
America by Nelda Warkentin

Australian Conservation Foundation

Licuala Sunrise by Pete Marshall