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Hummingbirds' Visit | Wallhanging by Harro Maass | Artists for Conservation 2018
Puffin | Wallhanging by Harro Maass | Artists for Conservation 2018

Harro Maass DE

WILDLIFE ART November/December 1999: "We thought we had struck gold when a package of Harro Maass' transparancies arrived from Germany ..... He paints a wonderful variety of animal subjects - some in their natural habitats, some portrait style and other illustration-like. With such versatility, we believe you will see his name again."

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Desert Hunter | Wallhanging by Patricia Mansell | Artists for Conservation 2018

Patricia Mansell CA

I never made a conscious decision to be an animal artist, but every time I sat down to start a new painting I was always drawn to portray animals – I think they chose me, not the over way around. My journey through painting is a constant learning process, adding to and building my knowledge by exploring new techniques. I try to raise the bar on each new painting but want the focus to be on the character of the animal rather than just anatomical details. One of the strengths of wildlife art is...

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Destination Downunder.  | Wallhanging by Pete Marshall | Artists for Conservation 2018

Pete Marshall AU

Pete has combined her veterinary knowledge with her passion for art to search the world for images to bring the fragile beauty of the endangered wildlife to the public view, and try to raise awareness of the both the subject and its environment.

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Development | Wallhanging by Chris Maynard | Artists for Conservation 2018

Chris Maynard US

To celebrate life, I attempt to capture a moment in time, an essence of life in an image. This is of course impossible because time and life are not things to be pinned down. Each feather though, retains an essence of life of the bird who shed it. I feel fortunate to have chosen feathers as my medium.

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Battle of the Orca and Thunderbird | Sculpture by Tony Mayo | Artists for Conservation 2018

Tony Mayo CA

I like the challenge of pushing various materials to their limit, forming them either very thin, or into demanding shapes that are not normally attempted.

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Ladder of Spots | Wallhanging by Chris McClelland | Artists for Conservation 2018

Chris McClelland AU

Chris is internationally recognised for his fine detailed graphite and coloured pencil drawings, which reflects his natural unique gift. He has a strong passion for the wildlife of Africa and Australia.  His artwork captures movement of the wildlife with extraordinary precision that his animals appear alive. Chris McClelland managed Tupra Station a large sheep station for 21 years. After working on "the land" for 40 years he retired in 2003. He has now time to create, fine, unique pencil...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
First Responders | Wallhanging by Michelle McCune | Artists for Conservation 2018

Michelle McCune US

I feel blessed to be able to use paint to share magical moments of time I have experienced. I strive for my images to inspire the viewer to become part of conservation movements saving these wonderful animals and the beautiful world in which we all coexist. I chose the studio name of Vanishing Visions to showcase the moments of time captured in each image that were gone in the next instant and to remind everyone that if we do not make a change in our development of land and utilization of...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Kagu Foraging | Wallhanging by Candy McManiman | Artists for Conservation 2018

Candy McManiman CA

The AFC show in Vancouver this year was a special event. Along with a terrific turnout of artist from around the world, the unveiling of the mural called Silent Skies took place. The mural, over 100 feet long featured,  endangered birds...678 species at risk.  Many members took time to paint the birds on 8" x 8" panels. It is hoped that the mural will travel to other venues and its stunning visual impact will raise awareness of the plight of many avian species. Above are a few of the species I...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Lean on Me, When You’re not Strong | Wallhanging by Vickie McMillan | Artists for Conservation 2018

Vickie McMillan-Hayes US

As a wildlife conservation artist, McMillan is driven to paint accurate wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna for people to gain a better understand of their responsibility to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.

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Newfoundland Surfing | Wallhanging by Kelly McNeil | Artists for Conservation 2018
Still Waters | Wallhanging by Kelly McNeil | Artists for Conservation 2018

Kelly McNeil CA

I believe that when an artist paints, we don’t paint what we see in front of us, we paint our feelings, which are created by what we are seeing. I like to capture the life, the vitality and the warmth of my subjects, whether it’s a wolf sunning in the forest light, or a swan back-lit on lake casting abstract reflection for me to paint. I really feel that I have succeeded when someone looks at one of my paintings and can’t help but smile.

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Crowned Cranes | Wallhanging by George Mgona | Artists for Conservation 2018
Together As One | Wallhanging by George Mgona | Artists for Conservation 2018

George Mgona ZW

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Great Green Macaw | Wallhanging by Kim Middleton | Artists for Conservation 2018

Kim Middleton US

Kim Middleton’s art portrays birds in a different light.  Her ornithological career gives Kim unique insights into birds, which she embodies in her art.  Each painting reveals the intimate understanding she achieves through her direct work with birds. Kim uses transparent oil paint to create luminescent paintings through numerous layers of thin glazes.  As light penetrates the painting, each transparent layer allows color from below to reflect and combine with the hues on top, which creates a...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Conifer Consort | Wallhanging by Jennifer Miller | Artists for Conservation 2018
Saffron Cascade | Wallhanging by Jennifer Miller | Artists for Conservation 2018

Jennifer Miller US

If I can capture even the tiniest ember from the fire I hold for my love of birds, I will have accomplished something in my paintings.

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Sunrise Camp - Thousand Islands | Wallhanging by Robin Murray | Artists for Conservation 2018

Robin Murray US

I can not remember a time that I haven’t been interested in nature. It has always captured me, in turn I do my best to capture it. Whether in paint,wood, or other materials, I enjoy it. And I hope you enjoy my view of nature as much as I had creating it! Robin Murray-

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Pond Shadows | Wallhanging by Ken Nash | Artists for Conservation 2018

Ken Nash CA

I create wilderness art that invites you to experience the same thoughts and feelings that prompt me to paint. I would like you to wonder what's around the bend in a path or over the next hill. I paint using acrylics on canvas and wood to capture the photorealistic truth of what I see.

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Eclipse  | Sculpture by Chris Navarro | Artists for Conservation 2018

Chris Navarro US

Having been blessed with a great passion, I really love what I do and hope others see that through the works I have created. In 31 years of being a professional artist, I have found the secret to being an artist is you have to make art and lots of it. You need to put time in the studio with the materials in your hands. It is about commitment, day by day year after year. The great thing about working with bronze it is such a strong, durable, and permanent medium. In the end it is not about how...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Roller | Wallhanging by Calvin Nicholls | Artists for Conservation 2018

Calvin Nicholls CA

The illusion of depth, texture and form is created by the interaction of light and shadow on my monochromatic paper sculptures. My interests in art, wildlife and photography have united as I create these archival pieces and attempt to capture their inherent subtlties on large format colour transparency film. I work from my home/studio north of Toronto in Lindsay Ontario Canada

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Shelter from the Rain | Wallhanging by Kentaro Nishino | Artists for Conservation 2018

Kentaro Nishino JP

KENTARO NISHINO [b.1980] is a Japanese painter known internationally for his wildlife art. He grew up in a rich natural environment under the influence of his father who is a nature guide. He started to draw picture from a young age on the recommendation of his mother and he was awarded in a number of international Children's Painting Competitions. While studying at the University of Hawaii, he encountered airbrush techniques and the vivid colors of Hawaii's nature, this is what inspired him to...

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Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation
Just Pondering  | Wallhanging by Dorset Norwich-Young | Artists for Conservation 2018

Dorset Norwich-Young CA

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Sunrise Fishing - Sanibel | Wallhanging by Mary Louise O'Sullivan | Artists for Conservation 2018

Mary Louise O'Sullivan US

I think one of the first hard choices we have to make when we start our painting lives is to decide what to paint. I went from people to cities to trees - loved to do it all. But something finally comes to you and becomes more and more of a challenge, and that attraction for me was to paint the patterns and color nuances of water. And with that in mind there are a thousand more ways of doing it so one doesn't have to get bored. I've painted barnacles, lilies, old rowboats, foxes drinking, birds...

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