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Raincoast Conservation Society

Raptor Education Group

Make Some Room by Betsy Popp

SAFE For Animals

Powerless by Fiona Goulding

Sea Research Foundation

On the Wings of the Storm by Del-Bourree Bach

Shark Research Institute

Sierra Club

Nevermore by Kathy Kleinsteiber

Soysambu Conservancy Ltd.

Incroyables by Guy Combes
First Responders by Michelle McCune

Teton Raptor Center

Eclipse by Chris Navarro

The Owl Foundation

"A Steller Invasion" by Jan Sharkey Thomas

The Peregrine Fund

The Mountain by Carel Brest van Kempen
Great Green Macaw by Kim Middleton

The Roger Tory Peterson Institute

Four-eyed Turtle by Matt Patterson

Trout Unlimited

Snowy by Mark Susinno


“The Opportunists” by Anne Peyton

Western Australian Forest Alliance (WAFA)

Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre

Curlicue by Colette Theriault

Wild Bird Care Centre

Silent Splash by Len Rusin

Wild Bird Rescue

Yuba Gold by Linda Sutton

Wildlife Conservation Society

Hyacinth Blue Macaws by Werner Rentsch

Wildlife Habitat Canada

Shade and Sun by Patricia Pepin

Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia

Wings of Wonder

Rococo by Anni Crouter

World Land Trust

Rainforest by Oenone Hammersley

World Wildlife Fund